photo (14)
Us, at the Mandrake bar.

Jen: Zorn and I had our first date at one of his favorite restaurants, Robata Jinya, and thus began our affair with food and with each other. Many months and countless meals later, we were at Cafe Stella (steak for Zorn; roasted kabocha squash for me) when our friend Marisa suggested that we put our eating and writing talents to use in a food blog. This blog chronicles some of our food adventures and our strong and often differing opinions on what we put in our bellies.

David: i’m on the internet!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    Love that y’all started this. Can’t wait to visit our second home to sample your recs.

    1. jennifersli says:

      and we can’t wait to be your dining companions when that day comes!

  2. Mary Lam says:

    What a yummy combination, can’t wait to sprinkle in some green onion and cilantro – very appealing to the palate.


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