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making all-american corn dogs in a le creuset.
making all-american corn dogs in a le creuset.

David Zorn (the Jewish one) hails from the suburbs of Detroit where he grew up eating deli and General Tsao’s chicken. After stints in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, he has made LA his permanent home. He is currently Creative Director at TBWA Media Arts Lab where he creates advertising for Apple. When he’s not working he’s either going for a sail in the Santa Monica Bay, or sitting at table for 2 in one of LA’s many wonderful restaurants. He still can’t think of anything better than corned beef or rye with yellow mustard, but an el pastor taco or a baked crab handroll come in at a close second.

Jen Li is an LA native and an art lover. She is the LA Desk Editor for ArtAsiaPacific, a contributor to Art in America, and writes product pages and reference articles for Kaufmann Mercantile. Her favorite foods are of the Asian region, especially dumplings, dim sum and baos. She has a small appetite but a big mouth (as evidenced by her more verbose entries).

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